Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quotes from Me

What is the meaning of life? "Life is a word and like any other word the only meaning it has is that which we give it."

"Take care of the poor, the rich will take care of themselves."

"I think you will find that sense is not so common here"

"Refuse to accept imperfection in anyone, learn to forgive imperfection in everyone."

"Trust your mind, its smarter than you think"

"Half a plan completely acted on is superior to a complete plan half acted upon"

"When a man hates you, you have two choices, you can kill him or you can teach him. For most people... killing is the easy way out."

"One little mistake and you go down in history as a tyrant"

"The problem with theoritcal thinkers is that we have a penchant for being wrong. I'm talking about a real knack here."

"Certainty deceives you"

"War is not optional, it is either mandatory or unneccessary. Either we must fight or we should not."

"Do not try to fool intelligent men, usually you are not fooling them, you are only insulting them."

"Those who do not understand everything do not understand anything for it is all interwoven into a complex orchestra of truth."

"It is hard to stay out of the fantastical and in the theoretical, but then, what is the difference?"

"There are many who run out of burning buildings and away from gunfire, but there are some who run in and towards. Some call them heros, I call them men."

When I say jump I want hear you say how high! "Really when I say jump I want you to jump, you can ask how high while you are in the air. If I say jump and you say, how high, I am going to say, too late."

"Strength breeds peace, thus it is possible to be a pacifist and a warrior."

"You love that which you understand and if you do not love a thing it is because you do not understand it"

"Beauty is in everything ugliness is in the eyes of the beholder"

"The righteousness of power is in its application not its presence"

"The difference between arrogance and confidence is competence"

Patience is a virtue, "No, virtue is patience"

"If the battlefield were society initiative would be god."

the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom, "but faith in the lord is its conclusion"

-Theoretical Nonsense

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